the parlor



Come early, stay late. Bask in the gentle warming glory of the den like atmosphere in the large lobby area. There are couches and chairs to relax and lounge about. Sip on warm tea and either sit silently in a corner, or chat about your float experience or any intricacy of life you choose with a fellow floater.  There are books to read, journals to write in, and even coloring utensils if the creative muse calls. Feel free to kick off your shoes and stay awhile. Here at Go With The Float we want you to feel at home, because while you are here, it is your home. 




So what exactly happens inside of a float tank? Well, physically you will be suspended in a near zero gravity environment with no external environmental stimulus to bombard your senses. There are several ways to position your arms which will be covered pre float, along with several other tips to keep you comfortable while inside of the tank. Mentally, that is up to the individual. The possibilities that may arise with in the mind are so varied and infinite that any cue as to what will happen would just be programming to set an expectation. While inside the tank, just relax and breath and surrender to the float experience.


Before entering the tank, it can be helpful to limber up. That is why we offer a dedicated room for stretching and moving about. There are Yoga matts, resistance bands, stability balls and even a vibration platform. A good stretch can also feel amazing after a float. 

Massage is here!!!! Call or book online.
Come in and relax with one of the newest trends in alternative wellness! Infrared saunas are becoming an essential pillar of the holistic therapy community because of their unmatched ability to detoxify the mind and body. Our sauna offers both far and near infrared therapy.

reduce stress, relieve pain, and explore deep states of relaxation, while floating in over 1,000 pounds of soothing epsom salts.