full spectrum heat and light therapy



Come in and relax with one of the newest trends in alternative wellness! Infrared saunas are becoming an essential pillar of the holistic therapy community because of their unmatched ability to detoxify the mind and body. Our sauna offers both far and near infrared therapy.

What is an Infrared Sauna? 


Where traditional saunas heat the air around you, Infrared saunas use light therapy to seep heat into your body - all the way down to a cellular level - and warm you from within. Infrared saunas require less heat than traditional saunas because they are able to reach the source directly. Most traditional saunas can reach temperatures of up to almost 200o F; but, an infrared sauna can achieve better results than a traditional sauna at just 110o-130o F. Many people find this temperature difference more comfortable and are therefore able to not only stay in the sauna longer and gain more from its physical benefits, but also reach a significantly more relaxed, even meditative state. 

What are the Specific benefits?


There are many benefits to infrared light therapy, including intense detoxification, skin rejuvenation, muscle health improvement, immunity improvement, calorie burning, and of course, profound relaxation. Infrared light therapy stimulates numerous metabolic processes and allows your body to do its job at heightened capacity, leaving you feeling uplifted and replenished.




Like a traditional sauna, an infrared sauna removes toxins from your body by causing you to sweat. Because infrared saunas heat your body from within, they are more effective than traditional saunas at reaching core areas to give you a full detoxification. Infrared light will stretch deep into your cells and pull out toxins that traditional saunas would leave behind. 




Infrared light stimulates the natural processes that keep your skin healthy and clean. Regular infrared sauna use helps build collagen, reduce wrinkles, and cleanse pores. After your session, you’ll feel a sense of renewal across your body.


Improve Muscle Health and Recovery


Infrared light improves circulation and reduces muscle inflammation. The heat and light from the sauna reach deep into your muscle cells to heal them internally. As in any increased metabolic function, heightened blood flow keeps your muscles healthy by allowing your body to do its job efficiently and effectively. Increased circulation also improves heart health and can aid in relaxation.

Improve Immune Health


Heat stimulates the body’s white blood cells. In an infrared sauna, your immune system will activate and strengthen. Like a vaccine, infrared light therapy will train your immune system; however, unlike a vaccine, this training will be generalized and natural, leaving you ready to fight off any number of illnesses. 


Burn Calories


Like traditional saunas, people often use infrared saunas to burn calories through sweating. Infrared saunas perfect this effect by allowing you to sweat more at a lower temperature in order to keep you comfortable throughout the experience. The deep cleansing nature of infrared therapy also reaches into your cells themselves, increasing your metabolism and allowing you to burn even more calories. 




Of course, one of the most important benefits of infrared therapy is relaxation. Our spacious hypoallergenic-bass wood sauna is in a tranquil private room that we have modified for maximum client control of the experience. We want you to feel comfortable enough to let go, reset, and allow the experience to give you its full physical and mental healing effects.


40 min session (1 person)  - $35

40 min session (2 people) - $55

3 - 40 min sessions (1 person) - $75

GWTFloat Members receive one session per month for $15